Ichinomiya City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 8-Nov-2022

About Ichinomiya City destination: Ichinomiya is city is situated in Japan country which is located on bank of the River Kiso. Ichinomiya city is just 20 KM distance from Nagoya port city. Ichinomiya is a well destination to explore Japanese local people modern, culture and social life style.

Distance from Ichinomiya City: Ichinomiya is a good connected to other Japanese places via train, water, road and air transport. Ichinomiya city is just 20.6 KM distance from Nagoya port city, Osaka port city is just 175.6 KM distance, Kobe coastal city is just 198.6 KM distance, Kyoto city is just 130.7 KM distance, Tokyo central capital city is just 355.1 KM distance, Niigata port city is just 460.0 KM distance and Okayama.

Japan tour: It is a good idea to enjoy holiday in Japan country which is situated in eastern of the Asia region. Japan capital city is Tokyo which is also the port city and largest populated city. Japan the second populate city is Osaka which is a large commercial hub of the Japan. Japan holiday tour trip Booking, Europe holiday tour and Switzerland holiday tour .

How can come to Ichinomiya City: Ichinomiya city is located near of the Nagoya port city in Japan country which is good connected via air transport and water transport to other foreign countries where also has the international seaport and airport. Ichinomiya city is also good connected to other Japanese domestic places via water, train, road and air transport.

Air Transport: Central Japan International Airport and Nagoya Airport are the nearest airports where passengers can get flights to overseas countries and Japanese domestic places.

Water Transport: Port of Nagoya Ferry Terminal is the central Seaport of the Japan country where passengers get water transport to foreign countries and native domestic places.

Train Transport: Meitetsu Nagoya Station is a central railway station where passengers can get different types trains to other Japanese places.

Ichinomiya City tourists attractions: Ichinomiya modern city has several famous places to visit which some are Ichinomiya City Migishi Setsuko Memorial Art Museum, Ichinomiyashi Hakubutsukan Toshima Memorial Museum, Kashinokibunka Museum, Cultural Path Shumokukan - Historical landmark, Kiso Sansen Park 138 Tower Park - National park, Oasis Park, Ogaki sunflower field, Japan Monkey Park, Museum Meiji-Mura - Open air museum, Oagata Shrine - Shinto shrine, Little World - Open air museum, The Sweets Castle - Theme park, The Tokugawa Art Museum etc.

Ichinomiya City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Ichinomiya city has lots of luxury and affordable types hotels. Ichinomiya city has several famous modern restaurants which some are Y&M music bar and restaurant, Dela-cera - French restaurant, Bistro Cafe Akami - Restaurant, Le Bontemps - French restaurant, Sanji- Western restaurant, La Casa Vieja - Peruvian restaurant, Matsunoya - Tofu restaurant, Shanti Indian Restaurant, Venus and Mars - French restaurant, La Nouvelle Lune - French restaurant, Katatsumuri - Japanese regional restaurant, Murayama Restaurant - French restaurant, Albaluce - Italian restaurant, Masala Master - Indian restaurant, Kitchen Hitsujiya - Japanized western restaurant, Osteria Donna Luisa- Italian restaurant, Alisha' Grill - Filipino restaurant, Katsumasa Komaki- Tonkatsu restaurant, Francais Restaurant - French restaurant etc.