Europe Holiday to Chartres Cathedral Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 17-July-2021

About Chartres Cathedral : Chartres Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres) is a most famous Roman Catholic church in France country (European region). It is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The Chartres Cathedral was built in 1252 which is a most famous French Architecture design style.

How Can Reach to Chartres Cathedral Destination: it is just 93.5 KM distance from Paris city. It is well concreted via air, road and train transport. Chartres Cathedral city also has domestic airport.

By Air Transport: Chartres – Champhol Aerodrome Airport is the nearest domestic airport where tourists can get flights to other domestic and some European countries. Airport is exact 5.3 KM distance from Chartres Cathedral.

By Train Transport: Gare de Chartres Train station is the nearest railway station where tourists can get trains to Paris and other cities. Train station is exact 2.6 KM distance from Chartres Cathedral.

By Road Transport: France country has excellent road transport system which connects eat city and village to gather via modern road transport system. Chartres Cathedral is just 93.5 KM distance from Paris capital city, Nantes is just 298.4 KM distance, Geneva city is exact 580.1 KM far, Lyon city is exact 505.3 KM distance, Monaco city is just 993.3 KM far, Montpellier is exact 692.2 KM distance.

Things to Do near of the Chartres Cathedral: tourists can do several enjoyment activities near of the Chartres Cathedral like prayer in Chartres Cathedral, explore church architect design, explore French people life style, eat french local street foods, car riding and train riding from Paris city to Chartres Cathedral.

Tourists attractions near of the Chartres Cathedral : people can watch several famous attractions near of the Chartres Cathedral such as the following.

Man made attractions: La Taniere - Zoo refuge, L'Odyssee - Water park, Happy Land - Playground, Banks of the Eure Park, horticulture Garden, Stade Jacques-Couvret, Sentier Nature des Bois de Seresville - Museum, Salle polyvalente espace Jean Moulin - town hall, Chapelle Sainte Jeanne D'arc - Chapel etc.

Natural attractions: The L Eure River, Etang de Barjouville - Pond, Agriculture Fields etc. Europe tour holiday is a nice idea to Chartres Cathedral vacation which is located in France country.

Japan tour holiday is nice plan to Kanazawa city tour which is situated in western coast of the Japan country and just 0 KM distance from Tokyo capital city and Osaka city is exact 0 KM distance. It is well connected with domestic cities via train, water, road and air transport which foreigner tourists can come only via air and water transport.

Kanazawa is a beautiful city where has lots of places to visit such as Kenroku-en - Garden, Nomura Clan Samurai Home, Shima - Local history museum, Tsuzumi-mon Gate, Oyama Shrine, Uchinada coast Beach, Kahokugata Lagoon, Kenmin Seaside Park, Kanazawa Castle Park, 400 Year Forest, Hokubu Park, Tedori Fish Land, Ishikawa Zoo, Hanibe Caves etc.