Europe Holiday Tour to Explore France and Italy - United Kingdom

Posted : April - 26 - 2020

Europe is a top listed tourist hub among foreigner tourists. Mostly travelers want to visit Europe region which has several countries, word wide famous cities and historical monuments. Europe tour top visited countries are United Kingdom, France and Italy. These countries capital and most popular cities are London, Paris and Rome.

France: France country is the part of the Europe and without France visit Europe tour will not complete. France country is located in western coast of the Europe region which capital is beautiful city Paris. Mostly people they want to visit Europe come to France and explore its tourists places, social and cultural activities.

Paris is the capital city of the France which is also the business and education hub of the country. Paris city has several tourist attractions like The Eiffel Tower - symbol of the Paris city, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral - church, Opera Garnier, The Louvre - Most visited Museum of the world, l'Eglise du Dome - church, Catacombs etc. Europe tour holiday is nice plan to visit London, Paris and Rome.

Italy: Italy is a beautiful country which is a part of the Europe. Italy country is famous lanmark from Roman Empire period when Rome city was centre of the Roman empire. Rome city is the capital of the Europe region which near located The Pope administration centre Vatican city. Italy country has largest numbers of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all over world which was built mostly Roman empire.

Italy country some famous tourist places are The Trevi Fountain, Pirelli Tower - Milan, Arena di Verona, Borromean Islands, the leaning tower - Pisa, the Grand Canal - Venice, the Piazza del Duomo - Milan, Florence's cathedral - church, Amalfi Coast and its beaches, Roman Forum, The Vittoriano, Quirinal Palace, The Capitoline hill etc.

United Kingdom: UK (United Kingdom) is beautiful country and a part of the Europe region. United Kingdom capital city is London where come lots of people to visit glory of the UK. United Kingdom country main parts are Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England and all of these parts capital city is London. The London is not only capital which is also the business and cultural hub of the country.

London city has several tourist attractions which includes Tower Bridge which is located on River Thames, Tower of London - Beautiful building, Big Ben - Clock Tower, London Eye - observation wheel, Buckingham Palace - Royal residence of the UK, St Paul's Cathedral - church, St James' Park etc.

Japan holiday tour is a good plan to visit Kamakura. Kamakura is a beautiful city of the Japan country which is just 63 KM distance from Tokyo capital city. Kamakura is tourist places where people come to visit Great Buddha - bronze statue, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine, Zeniarai Benten Shrine, Beaches, Hiking area, Boating, Fishing, Yukai Sokai Taya etc.

Kamakura is well connected with Tokyo city via bullet train and road expressway. It is only 63 KM distance from Tokyo via road. Its nearest international airport is Haneda Airport which is only 46 KM distance from Kamakura . So, foreigner tourists also can visit it easily.