Higashiosaka City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 7-July-2022

About Higashiosaka city destination: Higashiosaka is a modern city which is located in northern of the Osaka city of the Japan country. Higashiosaka is a suburb of the Osaka city where has several famous places to spend tour such as amusement parks, water parks, city modern parks and many more places. Higashiosaka is a good destination to explore Osaka city modern life style and economy activities. Higashiosaka is a also know as industrial hub of the Osaka commercial city where has several top companies manufacturing plants and many more places.

Higashiosaka is well connected to other Japanese domestic places via air transport, water transport, road transport and train transport. Higashiosaka city is just 11.8 KM distance from Osaka commercial city, Tokyo capital city is exact 483.2 KM distance, Nagoya coastal city is just 163.0 KM distance, Hiroshima coastal city is just 342.5 KM distance, Fukuoka coastal city is just 622.9 KM distance, Niigata city is just 595.7 KM distance and Sendai coastal city is just 850.6 KM distance.

Japan tour is a well plan to explore Japanese domestic cities which includes Tokyo capital city, Osaka business city, Hiroshima historical coastal city, Fukuoka modern city, Niigata a modern city etc. Japan is a fully developed country of the world which comes in Asia region. Japan around has only sea water and did not has any land border neighbour countries. Japan nearby other countries are North Korea & South Korea in western, China country in western and Russia also in western. Foreign countries people can come to Japan via air transport and water transport. Japan holiday tour and Europe holiday tour .

How can come to Higashiosaka city: Higashiosaka city is well connected to foreign countries via air transport and water transport. Osaka city has international airport and Seaport which connect city to foreign countries. people can come to city from other Japanese places via air transport, road transport, train transport and water transport.

Air Transport: Kansai International Airport is a busy international airport where people can get air flights to foreign countries and Japanese domestic places.

Water Transport: Osaka Port International Ferry Terminal is a busy cruise ship harbour where people can get water transport services to other domestic detestation and foreign countries also.

Higashiosaka city tourists attractions: Higashiosaka city has several famous places to visit which some are Ikomasanjo Amusement Park, Hiraoka Park, Hanazono Central Park, Matsubara Park, Shinke Nishimachi Park, Zenkonji Daisan Park, Ikoma-sanroku Park, Jigen-ji (Nozaki Kannon) - Buddhist temple, Ishikiritsurugiya Shrine Uenosha - Shinto shrine, Ishikiri-daibutsu - Place of worship, Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum, City or town hall, Tatsumihigashi Green Space, Higashi-Osaka Cultural Creation Hall etc.

Higashiosaka city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Higashiosaka is a modern city where has lots of modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Higashiosaka city some famous restaurants are Restaurant Cinq - French restaurant, Tonnii Tonii Korean Restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Ohka Steak Restaurant, Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, Bamboo Flower - Izakaya restaurant, Izakaya restaurant, Iroha - Izakaya restaurant etc.