Japan Holiday to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 23-Jan-2021

About Hiroshima Peace Memorial Destination: Hiroshima Peace Memorial is place where was dropped atom bomb on 6 August 1945 by United State of America. 70000 to 126000 civilians were killed by atom bomb. This place was converted into memorial place and museum. This memorial is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Here come lots of foreigner and domestic tourists to deeply know about atom bomb blast history and disaster after dropping bomb. Now Japan Government redeveloped Hiroshima city with modern style.

How Reach to Hiroshima Peace Memorial: It is located in just near of the Hiroshima city downtown which is well connected to foreign countries via air and water transport. Hiroshima city also has international sea harbour. Domestic tourists can come via air, train, road and water transport.

By Air Transport: Hiroshima International Airport is the nearest airport which is just 49 KM distance from Peace Memorial. Here people can get flights to foreign countries and domestic cities.

By Train Transport: Hiroshima city also has railway station of the Shinkansen (Bullet train) which connects city of Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo capital and other cities.

By Road Transport: Peace Memorial is located in Hiroshima city which is well connected with other domestic cities via road transport. Peace Memorial is just 1.5 KM distance from Hiroshima city downtown. Osaka city is exact 330 KM far, Tokyo capital city is exact 810 KM distance, Fukuoka is just 283 KM far, Nagoya is exact 481.5 KM distance.

Things to Do near of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial: people can do many enjoyment activities near of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial like know about atom bomb attack history on Hiroshima city, watch museums, eat Japanese foods, shopping Japanese memorable things, Boating in Ota River etc.

Tourists attractions around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial: People can watch many popular places near of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial which are the following.

Hiroshima Atom Bomb Related Places: Atomic Bomb Memorial Burial Mound, Clock Tower of Peace, Korean Atomic Bomb Victims Cenotaph, Flame of Peace, Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall, Peace Memorial Park, Gates of Peace, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall, Atomic Bomb Dome etc.

Hiroshima Famous Places: Former Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium, Hiroshima Museum of Art, Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima Prefectural Museum, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall, Hijiyama Park, Motoujina Park, Ujina Beach, Mizutorinohama Park, Shinushita Koen Ushida Total Park, Hijiyama Park Children’s Plaza etc. Japan trip tour is a nice plan to enjoy vacation in Hiroshima city to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan country.

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