Thailand Holiday to Ko Phi Phi Island Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 21-Nov-2020

About Ko Phi Phi Island Destination: Phi Phi Islands are the groups islands which largest island is Ko Phi Phi Don which is part of the Phuket Province. Ko Phi Phi Don is exact 40 KM distance from Phuket island and 28 KM distance from Thailand main land. Here people come to enjoy adventure and recreation activities on its beaches. Here lots of people enjoy party celebration and water sports.

How Can Reach Ko Phi Phi Islands: People can reach to Ko Phi Phi Island via only helicopter services and ferry services from main land Thailand and Phuket island.

Air Transport: Its nearest major airports are Phuket International Airport and Krabi Airport. Ko Phi Phi Island is just 80 KM distance from Phuket International Airport and Krabi Airport is exact 50 KM far.

Road Transport: Ko Phi Phi Island is just 28 KM distance from nearest Thailand main land. Ko Phi Phi Island is just 855 KM distance from Bangkok capital city, Pattaya is just 980 KM distance and Chiang Mai is just 1530 KM distance and Phuket is just 0 KM far 40 KM far.

Water Transport: Its nearest major ferry terminals are Rassada Pier (Phuket Island), Chalong Pier (Phuket Island) and Klong Jirad Pier (Main land Thailand). Rassada Pier is exact 43 KM far, Chalong Pier is just 49 KM distance and Klong Jirad Pier is just 37 KM distance.

Things to Do near of the Ko Phi Phi Islands: People can enjoy on Phi Phi Island many adventure and recreation activities such as boating, cruise ship riding, water scooter riding, parasailing, swimming, fishing and many other water sports.

Tourists Attractions around Ko Phi Phi Islands: travelers can visit popular places near of the Phi Phi Island which includes are Monkey Beach, Wang Long Bay, Pirate Beach Cove, Ao Ton Sai Pier, Viking Beach, Long Beach, Loh Moo Dee Beach, Rantee Beach, Phak Nam Bay, Loh Lana Bay, Nui Beach, Monkey Beach, Wang Long Bay, Ton Sai Beach etc, Loh Moo Dee Beach, Trine Jungle House, Phi Phi viewpoint 3, luxury restaurants and hotels accommodations. Thailand holiday tour is a good plan to spend trip in Ko Phi Phi Islands of the Thailand country.

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