Nagano City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 24-Oct-2022

About Nagano City destination: Nagano is a nature beautiful city which is located in Japan country which is situated on bank of the River Chikuma (Shinano River). Around of the Nagano city has snow capped mountains and deep forest which make city more nature beautiful.

Distance from Nagano City: Nagano city is good connected to other native destinations via air, train and train transport. Nagano city is just 103.4 KM distance from Itoigawa, Joetsu port city is just 63.3 KM distance, Toyama coastal city is just 177.4 KM distance, Maebashi city is just 152.1 KM distance, Takasaki city is exact 121.9 KM distance, Niigata port city is exact 190.4 KM distance and Tokyo central capital ctiy is just 225.6 KM distance.

Japan tour: It is a nice idea to enjoy holiday in Japan country which is a fully developed country of the Asia. Japan holiday travel Booking , Europe holiday travel and Switzerland holiday travel

How can come to Nagano City: Nagano city is located in Japan country which is also connected via air, road, train and water transport to other Japanese domestic places. Nagano city nearest seaport is Joetsu port city where passengers can get water transport services to other domestic destinations. Nagano city is nice connected to other foreign countries via air and water transport which nearest international airport and seaport is located in Niigata port city. Nagano city is just 190.4 KM distance from Niigata port city.

Air Transport: Matsumoto Airport is the nearest regional airport where passengers can get air flights to other Japanese domestic destinations. Matsumoto Airport is just 77.9 KM distance from Nagano.

Nagano City Gliderport is a local airport where passengers can get light air flights to other local places. Japan country mostly cities has regional or international airport which connects city other countries and domestic destinations.

Water Transport: Nagano city has not water transport services which is a landlocked city which nearest seaport is Joetsu port city which is just 63.3 KM distance.

Train Transport: Shiyakusho-Mae Station is the main railway station of the city where passengers can get train transport services to other domestic destinations. Japan country has excellent train transport network which all cities and town connected via train transport.

Nagano City tourists attractions: Nagano city has several famous places to visit which some are Kawanakajima Battleground - Historical place, Monzenkairo, Matsushiro Underground Imperial Headquarters - Historical landmark, Minenohara Kogen Resort, Chausuyama Zoo, Zenko-ji Temple - Buddhist temple, Takemizuwake Shrine - Shinto shrine, Sarashina Shrine - Shinto shrine, Wahei Park, Ueda Castle Ninomaru ruin - Historical landmark, Yasumiya Shrine Stone Buddha, Shinshushinmachi Kaseki Museum - Natural history museum, Momiji's Cave - Scenic spot etc.

Nagano City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Nagano city has several modern hotels accommodations. Nagano city some famous restaurants are Yuiga Sohonten - Ramen restaurant, Yokohama Tonkotsu Ramen Yoshiya - Ramen restaurant, Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Yatai - Ramen restaurant, Menya HARE- Ramen restaurant, Ramen Misomaru - Ramen restaurant, Kurumata Ramen Kawanakajima - Ramen restaurant, MOKUREN - Mandarin restaurant, Baby Face Planets Nagano North - Restaurant, Obuse Winery, OBUSE - Restaurant, St.Cousair Winery & Vineyards, Honda - Unagi restaurant, Matsumi Sushi - Sushi restaurant etc.