Reggio Emilia City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 29-Aug-2022

About Reggio Emilia City destination: Reggio Emilia is a famous city of the Italy country which is located on Autostrada del Sole (Autostrada A1) national highway. It is a good destination to explore Italy country local to local people modern life and social activities.

Distance from Reggio Emilia City: It is located in Italy country of the Europe region. Its nearest major city is Bologna which is just 67 KM distance where also has international airport. The city also has regional airport where people can get flights to other domestic places.

Italy tour: It is well plan to enjoy holiday in Italy country which was the base destination of the Roman Empire period. Italy is a historical country which modern capital city is Rome where also has the Vatican city. It is a well destination to explore the Roman empire history. Europe tour travel , Switzerland tour travel and Japan tour travel .

How can come to Reggio Emilia City: Reggio Emilia city is good connected to other Italy domestic destinations via air transport, train transport and road transport. city is also good connected to other European countries via air, train and road transport. Autostrada del Sole (Autostrada A1) national highway crossed to the Reggio Emilia which is a major NH of the Italy country.

Air Transport: Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is the nearest major international airport where people can get flights to foreign countries and Italian domestic places also. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is just 67.5 KM distance from Reggio Emilia city.

Water Transport: city has not water transport services which is landlocked city which nearest major seaport is Genoa where people can get water transport services to other foreign countries and domestic places also. Genoa port is just 237.5 KM distance from Reggio Emilia city.

Train Transport: city has a busy railway junction where passengers can get flights to other European countries and Italian domestic destinations.

Reggio Emilia City tourists attractions: Reggio Emilia city has several popular places to visit which some are Collezione Maramotti - Art museum, Mirabilia Arte - Art gallery, Aquatico - Water park, Palazzo dei Musei - Museum, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani - Museum, Museum of History of Psychiatry - Museum, Il Mauriziano - Museum, Decathlon - Sporting goods store, Parco Industriale Mancasale - Store, Arena Campovolo Music - Live music venue, Ipercoop - Supermarket, Piscina comunale Ferretti-Ferrari - Public swimming pool, Bosco Enrico Berlinguer - Park, Parco Ovest Polo Scolastico - Park etc.

Reggio Emilia City famous Restaurants & accommodations: the city has lots of modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Reggio Emilia city some famous restaurants are Catalana Restaurant, Curcuma Indian Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Bottega 39 - Restaurant, Zaiqa Restaurant, Viva Nachos - Fast food restaurant, Shahi grill & ristorante - Indian restaurant, Herbe - Food & Drink Vegetale - Restaurant, Osteria La Scarpetta - Restaurant, Pepe Bianco - Restaurant, Dispensa Emilia _ Petali - Italian restaurant, dmd restaurant & bar, Ristorante Italo - Restaurant, Pappare' Emilia - Restaurant, Amy Sushi - Asian restaurant, Sushi Store - Sushi restaurant, Miya Sushi - Asian restaurant etc.