United Kingdom Tour to The British Museum Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 7-Nov-2020

About The British Museum Destination: The British Museum is located in London city of the UK which was established in 1753 by British Government. It has 8 million objects which were collected from British colonies countries during British Empire time. It has human cultural and ancient human history related which are based from Asian countries, Middle east, Africa and Northern America, Australia, New Zealand and European history related objects.

How can reach to The British Museum: It is located in UK capital city of the London. Its nearest metro station is Tottenham Court Road. London city is well connected from all over world via air, water and road transport (tunnel between UK and France).

Road Transport: London city is well connected with other major cities of the UK via road transport. London is also well connected with France country via road and train transport via tunnel under sea. The British Museum is just 1.5 Miles distance from London down town. Liverpool is exact 220 Miles far from The British Museum, Bristol is just 127 Miles distance, Leeds is just 194 Miles far, Glasgow is just 411 Miles distance and Edinburgh is exact 402 Miles far.

Metro Transport: Its nearest metro station is Tottenham Court Road which is exact 0.4 mile far from Museums. Metro transport is well idea to tour all London city which network spread in whole city. Metro transport is affordable and comfort.

Flights Transport: Its nearest major airport is Heathrow Airport which is the busiest airport of the United Kingdom country where people can get flights to foreign countries.

Things to do in The British Museum: Tourists can do many activities in museums such as watch human cultural and history related artifacts, shopping gifts items, eat The English foods and explore human history related items.

Tourists attraction in The British Museum: Travelers can visit here many museum departments which are Department of Asia, Department of Africa, Department of Egypt and Sudan, Department of Greece and Rome, Department of the Middle East, Department of Prints and Drawings, Department of Britain etc. Entry fee is free to all visitors to watch museum to all persons which includes foreigner and domestic. London UK tour vacation is a well idea to spend trip in The British Museum, London of the United Kingdom country.

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