Vevey City Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 3-May-2022

About Vevey town / city destination: Vevey is a beautiful town / city which is placed in Switzerland country. Vevey city / town is placed on bank of the Geneva lake which is exact 18.5 KM distance from Lausanne city and Montreux town is just 7.7 KM distance. Vevey is a well destination to enjoy different types of the water sports on lake Geneva which is a clean natural water lake. Vevey city / town one side has lake Geneva and other three sides has mountains and forest which make Vevey cit / town more environment friendly.

Vevey city / town is well jointed to other Switzerland places via road transport and train transport. Vevey town / city is just 18.5 KM distance from Lausanne city, Montreux town is just 7.7 KM distance, Geneva international city is just 91.3 KM far, Zurich commercial city is just 205.3 KM distance, Bern capital city is just 87.6 KM distance, Basel border city is just 182.9 KM distance, Lucerne city is just 193.3 KM distance.

Switzerland is well destination to enjoy summer and winter vacation which is placed in central of the Europe region. Switzerland is a country of the Europe region which neighbour countries are Italy, Austria, France, Germany and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is a landlocked country where around has only land border of the other country and does not connect any Sea connection. Switzerland country is well connected to other European and Swiss domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. Other overseas countries people can come to Switzerland country via air transport only. Switzerland tour travel and UK London tour travel .

How can come to Vevey town / city: Vevey city / town is good connected to other Switzerland domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. tourists also can come to Vevey city / town from other European countries via air transport, road transport and train transport while other foreign countries passengers can come to town via air transport only.

Lausanne Airport - Regional airport: Lausanne Airport is the nearest regional airport which is only 19 KM distance where people can get flights to domestic places. Swiss country has several airport which all major cities has regional airports.

Geneva airport - International airport: Geneva airport is an international which is also the second busiest international airport of the Swiss country. Geneva airport connects city to all over foreign countries also domestic major cities.

Vevey - Transit stop: Vevey town / city has local railway station where people can get trains to other Swiss places and other European countries also. tourists can travel from one country to other European countries by single visa policy.

Vevey Marche - Ferry terminal: It is the main ferry / ship terminal of the Vevey town / city where people can get water transport services into the Geneva Lake.

Vevey town / city tourists attractions: Vevey city / town has several famous places to visit which some are Villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier - Art museum, Vevey History Museum, Chaplin's World - Museum, Swiss Museum of Games, Alimentarium - Museum, Mont Pèlerin - Mountain peak, Tour de Gourze - Historical landmark, Chaplin's World - Museum, blonay-chamby museum railway, Chatelard Castle etc.

Vevey town / city famous Restaurants & accommodations: near of the Vevey city / town has several famous hotels accommodations to stay. Vevey city / town some famous restaurants are Ze Fork - Restaurant, Filume - Neapolitan restaurant, Grand Hotel du Lac - 5-star hotel, Le Carre - restaurant, Babette's sandwiches & pasta - Fast food restaurant, Kashmir Restaurant Vevey - Indian restaurant, Le Non-Stop burger Vevey - Hamburger restaurant etc.